1-on-1 Blog Empowerment

Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts see 13 times more ROI

For entrepreneurs whose expertise is their business, from consultants to designers, the blog is the most valuable element you could have in your marketing mix—and the most underutilized. 

Starting a blog or reviving one that you started months or years ago, and then abandoned, probably seems like a big undertaking. You have a lot to talk about until you sit down in front of a blank screen, and then the words just disappear. Or you have a draft saved on your Google drive that you look at every now and then, but something about it just isn’t working for you.

Blogging always seems to be the thing that gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, after cleaning the house and running errands. And who has the budget to pay a professional writer?

No matter what your “writing baggage” is, I’m here to help you break through it—and blog your way to more business!

Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. (HubSpot, 2019)

Journal to Blog is a mindful approach that begins with an inventory of your expertise and a holistic review of your marketing strategy to determine some goals for your blog. We take stock of what you have to talk about so you’re never going back to a blank drawing board.

The magic happens when you get into a rhythm of journaling and repurposing your journal entries to turn them into professional-quality blog posts. Journaling when you’re in the writing mindset and saving the edits for later means you’ll never have to stress over a self-imposed deadline again!

When you blog consistently, you will have: 

  • Content to share on social media
  • A stronger branded online presence
  • A time-saving education and lead development tool
  • Progress towards thought leadership

Take these steps with me to get your blog up and running, and become a self-sufficient blogging machine:

Free 1-hour What’s Your Writing Baggage consultation

  • Get that blogging guilt off your chest!
  • Pinpoint some areas to work on in your blogging process
  • Learn how the Journal to Blog system works
  • Leave with a plan and some tools to get working on your high-level strategy

Kickoff Session: 30-minute blog strategy and process session

  • Plan your writing practice
  • Solidify high-level blog strategy
  • Learn how to use your expertise and positionality as a source of content

The Jam: 30-minute single blog planning session.

We’ll outline your blog post together so you can go home and rock it out! Move on to the next step after 3 single blog sessions or whenever your process is perfected.

  • Discuss a journal entry, understand the source of this content and how to position it for your audience
  • Break down the Rhetorical Situation of your topic for deep insights
  • Develop an outline that you can take home and use to crank out a draft!
  • Learn about another source of content to journal about

Next Level: 3-blog planning session.

We’ll look at the big picture together and make a plan for your next 3 blogs together.

  • Review business goals and upcoming events/promotions
  • Review 3 sources of content for potential topics
  • Come up with several journaling topics
  • Preview rhetorical situation, how content might be relevant for audience
  • Review blog process and timeline for writing/implementation

Don’t let your website and social accounts sit any longer without a flow of engaging, up-to-date blog posts. 

Schedule a quick call with me today and take the first step towards blogging empowerment!