Enjoy 45 minutes of journaling time for self-care or content development.

Make some S P A C E in your life for writing, either as a mindfulness practice or a source of content for your blog!
There will be no sales pitch during this hour-long writing session, just a quick inspirational exercise in the beginning to get those creative juices flowing and a recap at the end to share what we got done.
This is an online event happening via zoom, so I encourage you to “come as you are” but set a couple of goals for the work you want to accomplish (even if it’s just a few pages of journaling) and make your space as comfortable and distraction-free as possible. This is YOUR SPACE to write what you want to write! OWN IT! If you need headphones to block out the noise around you, grab them.
The event is free for anyone to attend, but I have set the limit to 10 attendees to ensure a great participatory experience.

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