Flex Your Writing Muscles at Journal to Blog BOOT CAMP

The last time you sat down to write blog content for your business, how did it go? Do you have a list of topics sitting in a Google Doc somewhere that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2017?

To see any success with content marketing, you need to publish consistently. But the writing process is made up of a million micro-decisions: it’s so easy to get sidetracked and start to judge every single word you write. If you don’t have a strategy for charging ahead and writing through the awkwardness, you’ll never finish a draft.

Sign up for Journal to Blog Boot Camp and get in shape to spend your summer cranking out brilliant content!

When I heard about this class, it was a “no-brainer” to sign up. I had been looking for ways to increase my influence and my thought-leadership capabilities and Journal to Blog was, and will continue to be, a solid investment in myself and my business. I remain grateful for the opportunity to have attended this class.

—Kirsten Ramos, President, Elevate Performance Solutions, Inc. Elevating individuals, teams and entire organizations through learning and development initiatives.

It’s no secret that blog content is one of the most accessible and effective marketing tools for solopreneurs who want to grow their audience and establish their brand. But out of many who have the experience and knowledge to tell great stories, few actually follow through to do it consistently enough to achieve the results they want. 

The truth is that most of the information out there on “What Makes Great Content” or “How to Write Amazing Blogs” focuses on the end result. We don’t get to see the multiple phases of ideation, writing mediocre drafts and revising that take place over days and weeks before that Amazing Blog has reached its final form. And that’s not to say that this process is hard work! 

Writing can actually be a great way to stay mindful of what’s really important to you in your business and track how your values are showing up in your day-to-day work. The trick is separating the creative, exciting storytelling part of content creation from the drudgery of editing, formatting and second-guessing your grammar choices and paragraph structure. 

I created the Journal to Blog method to help solopreneurs like you discover their best ideas and hone them into content that connects with their audience—taking it one step at a time to reduce overwhelm and make the entire process more sustainable. Now you can learn the techniques, build a writing process that works for you and put it into practice along with a group of other business owners to keep you accountable!

Join us for the first-ever Journal to Blog Boot Camp the last 2 Fridays in May.


Friday, May 21: Build a Journaling Practice

9:30 am-1 pm via Zoom

  • The value of your expertise
  • How to write fearlessly 
  • Tricks for creating a writing habit

Friday, May 28: Harvest Your Content into Brilliant Blogs

9:30 am-1 pm via Zoom

  • Writing that listens first: know your audience
  • Finding stories that will resonate
  • Putting it all together: goal-oriented content
  • Keeping your ideas organized

PLUS 1 45-minute one-on-one session for strategy review and feedback on 1 blog article

$750 value

$495 Early Bird price (must register before Wednesday, May 19)

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I came to this workshop with very little strategic or technical knowledge of blogging as a marketing and brand-enhancing tool. I finished with a much clearer sense of my position in the marketplace, up-to-date, professional insights, and tools I can use to grow and move forward. I made some new contacts and relationships in the process and am excited about future possibilities!

—Rachel Olson, Multi-media Communicator

Journal to Blog is about not only supporting individual bloggers as they get comfortable with the content creation process, but also to building a community of writerpreneurs who can lean on each other for accountability and inspiration to keep the writing baggage at bay.

Have questions or not sure if j2b is right for you?

Let’s schedule a 15-minute call to talk it out.

About the instructor

I am a content marketing specialist and wordsmith with an MFA in poetry. I write copy for @revenue and other service-providing entrepreneurs, and I spent Fall 2019 teaching Writing & Rhetoric I at Columbia College Chicago, where I taught previously as a Graduate Student Instructor.

Teaching rhetoric while writing copy for my clients gave me some valuable insights not only on how marketing copy functions on behalf of a business, but also how easy it would be to teach my existing clients the persuasive writing skills they need to become self-sufficient bloggers.

I love working with Chicago-based small businesses and entrepreneurs focused on enriching their community with a social mission or a creative streak. If you’re great with people, or have brilliant ideas that need to be shared, but can’t seem to get it all onto the page (or the screen!) let’s have a chat and see if this course is right for you.