Dump Your Writing Baggage and Make Good Content a Habit

During this live six-week course, small business owners will combine a journaling practice with blogging strategy for long-term content creation success! We’ll begin by taking an inventory of what relevant knowledge and experiences you have and what writing baggage is holding you back, then look at how blogging fits into a holistic marketing strategy and brush up on best practices. 

journal to blog online course for entrepreneurs

The real value of this course lies in the writing practice and the conversations during live zoom classes that turn progress into a lasting habit. Keep up with short journal assignments each week and learn how to pull out the best nuggets of content and polish them into high-quality blog posts. Ask questions, discuss your ideas and share inspiration with your cohort through our MemberVault in between classes for a more interactive and rewarding experience.

Come out of the class with 2 finished blogs ready to be posted and a plan for the next 3 months of content.

As a content marketing specialist, “blog slog” is something I hear about a lot. Most business owners I meet tell me they would love to post more and even feel guilty about not doing so, which leads me to think that blogging isn’t really the problem. Something is keeping these business owners with valuable knowledge and experience from using that expertise to build relationships, brand awareness and thought leadership through their existing blog. 

At some point, their true feelings come out: “I’m not really a writer,” or “I think I’m an okay writer, I just can’t follow through past the brainstorming phase.” 

They have the website and the ideas, so what’s stopping them? 

Writing baggage. 

Everyone has their own variety: publishing anxiety and general uncertainty are common, and many just feel awkward writing about themselves. Some even have repressed writing issues from college composition. 

dump your writing baggage

Confronting writing baggage is the first step to maintaining a successful blog, but step two is the real work: the maintenance of it. This part isn’t so easy to do on your own, but when I talk to these business owners, I hear in their voices how much they care about getting it right and that tells me they can do it.

That’s how I came up with Journal to Blog, a six-week writing course for entrepreneurs that combines a journaling practice with blogging best practices for long-term content generation. 


  • Establish a journaling habit and blogging schedule you can maintain
  • See how your blog fits into your marketing strategy; develop a purpose and specific goals for it
  • Mine your knowledge and experience for valuable, unique blog content 
  • Tell stories that will resonate with your ideal client and polish them into engaging, professional-looking blog posts

$425 tuition includes

  • 6 hour-long weekly class webinars on Thursdays, February 20-March 26 from 5:30 to 6:30
  • Access to class MemberVault with course content downloads and links to zoom meetings
  • Downloads of all class materials: workbook, writing activities and more
  • BONUS: 2 x 30-minute one-on-one blog consulting sessions!

Class is limited to 12 people! Reserve your seat today

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This course is completely original. I came up with the Journal to Blog method based on what I’ve observed as a copywriter, a Writing & Rhetoric instructor at Columbia College Chicago and a lifelong creative writer. I know the method works, but I had to build the course from the ground up.

I’m looking for course participants who are willing to give me their honest opinions in the form of a questionnaire at the end of the class: a “course evaluation,” if you will. My course will only work if the delivery is engaging and easy to follow, so I will be using participant feedback from this session to revise and edit my course for future offerings. Positive feedback in the form of testimonials will also be highly valuable for promotional purposes.

If you’d like to be a feedback contributor, please schedule a 15-minute call with me so I can get you all the necessary information (including the 50% off coupon code!) and answer any of your questions. Thank you so much for your interest!

About the instructor

I am a content marketing specialist and wordsmith with an MFA in poetry. I write copy for @revenue and other service-providing entrepreneurs, and I spent Fall 2019 teaching Writing & Rhetoric I at Columbia College Chicago, where I taught previously as a Graduate Student Instructor.

Teaching rhetoric while writing copy for my clients gave me some valuable insights not only on how marketing copy functions on behalf of a business, but also how easy it would be to teach my existing clients the persuasive writing skills they need to become self-sufficient bloggers.

I love working with Chicago-based small businesses and entrepreneurs focused on enriching their community with a social mission or a creative streak. If you’re great with people, or have brilliant ideas that need to be shared, but can’t seem to get it all onto the page (or the screen!) let’s have a chat and see if this course is right for you.