@revenue sales and marketing agency

I worked with @revenue for close to three years as a copywriter (and then some), and thanks to Marie, I am now a Sales Black Belt. I got to know several of their clients in the B2B services space, create tailored content for them and write copy for internal brands as well. At times, writing for their diverse clients felt like being a ventriloquist—which was pretty awesome!

With this team, I learned how copy fits into the “bigger picture” of a marketing strategy and how sales and marketing processes inform each other. No other work experience has provided both the challenges and the support I needed to grow in leaps and bounds like this one.

  • Developed Content Manager role and SOPs for @rEvolution internal brand
  • Written monthly content including blogs, newsletters and social media copy for up to 4-5 clients at a time
  • Social media strategy and management for internal brands
  • Website copy for several client site redesigns
  • Lead development email series
  • 1-page sell sheets and other promotional materials
  • Speaker’s bureau support
  • Graphic design support