Is Ethical Persuasion a Thing?

For someone who is all about empathy and promoting purpose-driven initiatives, I wear a couple of hats that have kind of a scuzzy reputation. (I’m a poet, and I have spent time adjuncting. I’m not above putting on a scuzzy hat once in a while!) Writing is what I do in a broad sense, but … Continue reading Is Ethical Persuasion a Thing?


How a Blog Tells a Story

What place does "storytelling" have in the world of blogging and content marketing? It's the secret to writing blogs that engage, and you don't have to be a marketing expert to do it well. Learn 5 strategies to write blogs with story inside, that will draw in your audience and leave a lasting impression.

How to Scope Out Your Competition Without Having an Aneurysm

An old standby in the arsenal of marketing research, the Competitor Analysis can be very useful or bog you down with unjustified assumptions and insignificant details that only appear larger than life. Marketing is all about creating strong emotions, so doing your own competitor analysis can lead to feelings of jealousy and inadequacy that will … Continue reading How to Scope Out Your Competition Without Having an Aneurysm