Kelsey Hoff

I am a writer and poet in Chicago building my freelance career (when I’m not working on my poetry manuscript and submitting poems). I’m interested in covering what’s happening in the Chicago literary scene, especially where it intersects with feminism and pop culture. At the moment, I am a freelancer for the Windy City Times and I just started up a collaborative creative blog project, Stinger & Fringe. It’s another dream of mine to use my digital marketing and PR skills to promote books and authors at small presses.

Previously, I lived in Racine, WI and was very involved with the writing community there. I volunteered for the BONK! performance series, helped organize the RPL Wordshop writing group, and read at Grassroots Wednesdays open mics. Once I started grad school in Chicago, I spent one year on the editorial board of Columbia Poetry Review, had an editorial internship at Rhino, and co-curated the 33 Reading Series for two years in addition to my coursework. I now have an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago.


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