Hi, I’m kelsey

I’m a writer at heart who specializes in long-form marketing content in the mental health and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) niches. I love writing creative essays, publishing juicy interviews and leading journaling workshops for idea generation and self-care. In everything I do, I am passionate about creating empathy through storytelling.

My story

I took my first shot at a writing career by pursuing an MFA in creative writing, and I happened to begin exposure therapy for complex trauma at the same time. (I don’t recommend this!) While I excavated decade-old emotional scars and struggled to fight my symptoms by accepting them, I read a wide variety of work by diverse living writers who mostly wanted the same things: to understand their lives and open up new possibilities through the power of language. That experience made me sensitive to the impact our words and messages have on other people, the power they have to create empathy, spread deception or stoke injustice.

After graduation, I looked for writing jobs in the “real-world” outside academia and the small world of independent publishing. I asked myself, “Who pays writers to do good things?” and I landed in a small marketing agency promoting small businesses that provide B2B services. This work stretched all the right muscles: capturing a sentiment, putting the ineffable thing into just the right words and hyping things and people I really believed in. But I wanted more freedom to choose my own clients, and I wanted to stay focused on the issues I really care about. 

With an overachieving spirit and a wide liberal arts background in communication, gender studies, rhetoric, journalism and more, I finally found the niche where my skills were needed and appreciated. I went freelance and I’m never going back!

Why mental health and DEI?

The World Health Organization has reported a 13% rise in mental health conditions and substance use disorders over the last decade, and as of 2022, 56% of US adults are living with untreated mental illness. These problems don’t materialize out of thin air; they are the results of broken social systems, conflict, prejudice, trauma and apathy. We live in a time when people are more connected than ever, with more data and faster technology than we’ve ever had, but it’s only pushing us to work harder and crave more attention. It’s time to share content that supports emotional wellbeing and authentic human connection instead of trying to replace it.

My process

My process begins with an extensive strategy session. We’ll “listen first” by reviewing real client questions, comments and feedback to empathize with your client community and make sure each piece of content meets your audience exactly where they are.

From there, I’ll propose a strategy with your business goals and current opportunities in mind. My writing is a synthesis of your ideal client’s needs, questions and concerns with the original ideas that inform the services you provide. I meet with monthly content clients to review strategy on a quarterly basis, leaving monthly meetings for interviews and time-sensitive updates. I’ve also found this collaborative approach really cuts down on the amount of editing needed!