I introduce myself as a copywriter and content specialist, but that’s only part of my story.

Before I embarked on a professional copywriting career, I got an MFA in poetry and spent years studying communication, rhetoric, journalism and gender studies. I still write poetry and essays, and I am passionate about creating empathy through storytelling in everything I do.

I specialize in long-form content for socially engaged organizations, including web copy, whitepapers, blogs and more. Whether your business is in tech, social impact, education, the nonprofit sector or another field, my process begins with “listening first” to meet your audience where they are and help them understand what you do in the context of their communities and their lives. I love the challenge of breaking down complex topics into simpler, more reader-friendly terms.

I got into marketing because I love hyping things and people I really believe in. Capturing the sentiment. Putting the ineffable thing into just the right words. I love to incorporate intersectional feminism, mental health awareness and pop culture into my writing whenever I can because these topics are part of my identity and therefore always on my mind. Writing through difficult experiences is therapeutic, but when that work resonates with others, it empowers and transforms.